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Liver associated with gall bladder. Chinese: a solid organ has an empty organ connected with it. Pancreas is also connected. Thyroid. Liver and nervous system correspond. When people have damage to the liver from alcohol it hits the nervous system as well as the liver. The weaker the liver, the more tired you get. Main symptom of liver problems is jaundice. Wake in morning and feel unrefreshed. Need coffee or exercise to get you going. Irritable in the morning. Sensitive to light and noise. Bitter taste. Wake on refreshed. Fatty foods upset the liver. Alcohol. Sugar and rich foods. Connection with eye sight. Liver meridians are around the eyes. Activity ameliorates the liver.

Good remedy for the liver Mag Mur. Stiffness and aching in the joints coming from the liver. Bilious headaches can be any remedy. Unrefreshed on waking indicates there is something wrong with the liver. If arthritis is coming from the liver you need to give a liver remedy or one that addresses the liver. A WEAK ORGAN CAN BE THE CENTRE OF THE TOTALITY AND THERE ARE CERTAIN SYMPTOMS THAT CAN SHOW YOU THAT.

Liver remedy will strengthen the liver. If you have liver problems you like warm food and drinks except Phosphorus.


Yellow flower. The Greater Celandine. The juice of it can cure warts when applied externally.

Affinities: liver, right side, abdomen, lower right lung, occiput, kidney, eye, knee, hip, leg and foot, mucous membranes.

Major liver remedy, congestion of the liver, jaundice, right sided. Skin is sallow (yellow, dirty looking, greyish). They have yellow sclerotics. Their tongue is thickly coated yellow with red edges. Marks the teeth down the side of the tongue (indentation.) They have got a bitter taste in their mouth with a bad odour. Neo-natal jaundice. Ferrum Phos 6x (T.D.S - three times a day) - for any anaemics for example in pregnancy (Band-Aid approach but better than taking Iron in pregnancy - causes jaundice in pregnancy - helps reabsorption of iron.

Keynote: Pain under the right scapula (in the back) whatever the disease.

Gall stone colic (China, Belladonna, Podophyllum). Sharp shooting stabbing pains. Extends through to the back with pain under the right scapula. Abdominal pain right sided, better lying on left. Better with legs drawn up. Gastric catarrh. Lots of nausea, indigestion and vomiting and with a disgust for food. Vomit everything but hot drinks and they crave hot drinks. The hotter the better. Crave hot soups and hot food and hot milk.

Half a cup of olive oil, pinch of cayenne pepper, five lemons squeezed, flushed down with hot tea. This is a liver flush. Have it in the morning.

Hot drinks and hot food. Especially they crave hot milk. They like or dislike cheese. They crave acids, sour, pickles and vinegar. Drowsiness after eating. They have to lie down after their meal. A lot of yawning. Worse pressure of clothes in the abdomen. Stool is yellow or clay coloured (grey.) Constipation of round balls like sheep droppings (stool, sheep dropping, balls.) Urine, dark yellow or brown. Sluggishness, inability of mind to work. Aversion to mental exertion even having a conversation is a real effort. Great lethargy. Unwilling to make any effort.

Liver is seat of will. Lots of will in these people. Bilious temperament. Look like Nux Vomica - cross, irritable and quarrelsome. Forceful and obstinate. Broody, melancholy sadness as if something dreadful is going to happen. Very dominant and domineering and forceful (more so than Lycopodium.) They are not impressed by authority. Anxiety about health and of those they dominate. Rational people, realists, real estate. Businessmen who drink.
Anti-intellectual. They would never waste time analysing emotions. Desire to beat children (only remedy.)

They give advice and feel insulted if their opinion is not followed. Very dictatorial even amongst superiors and they fight for their rights.

Right sided headaches especially over the right eye. Better for vomiting bile (green-yellow.) Better lying quietly in the dark. Headache < motion, heat, open air.

Pneumonia right sided associated with liver problems. Cough which is loose and rattling. Profuse expectoration. Small lumps of mucous can fly from the mouth (Badiaga.) Keynote pain with pneumonia. Fan like motion of nostrils (Lycopodium and all Ants.)

Rheumatic pains, arthritis associated with liver problems especially right shoulder, right arm, right hip and right knee. As if a heavy weight hung on their limbs.

Very chilly, shivering, one foot icy cold (liver symptom - Dig, Puls.) Drowsy in the daytime with great lassitude, sweat during sleep. < at 4pm and 4am.


  • motion, touch, 4am, 4pm, on waking, change of weather, lying on right side, warm room, heat
  • hot food, hot drinks, hot bath, eating, after lunch, milk, pressure, bending back.

Compare with Lycopodium and Nux Vom.

Carduus Marianus

St Mary’s Thistle or Milk Thistle. Remedy is made from the seeds. Introduced by Rademacher - alchemist. Used in tincture or low potency. Rarely it is used in a higher potency. Diseases of the liver, Compton-Burnett.

Affinities: irregulatory action on the liver. Liver, bile duct, spleen, right sided remedy.

Toxic liver is the picture. Remedy looks a lot like Nux Vomica. If it looks like Nux centred on the liver and Nux palliates or has a strong aggravation then think of this as a back up. Alcoholics. Excessive drinking of beer. Also affects the spleen. Physiologically it establishes a healthy flow of bile and helps to prevent formation of gallstones.

New, old and forgotten remedies by Anschutz. Number one remedy for gall stone colic. 20/30 drops in hot water and sip on it. Or in a potency 200. Especially with gall stone colic with a lack of symptoms. Pain but nothing else. Tried Berberis, Bell, Mag-Phos and nothing has helped.

For someone who has had their gall bladder removed and ever since then they have gas and bloating and irritability (China and this remedy.)

Rademacher used to prevent gallstones and to treat an alcoholic liver.

Often patients say they have passed a gall stone. What can you do to prevent them coming back. This remedy in tincture to prevent the stones coming back.

Keynote: with colic, can’t bend down and have to bend forward. Crawling sensation. Feel like a pea is passing through a narrow cannel. Remove gall stone and then go back to constitutional remedy.

How to pass gall stones:
Six day programme. Drink two litres of pure organic apple juice per day. Eat your normal diet. It will soften the stones. On the sixth day you fast from lunchtime. At 8pm you take one tablespoon of Epsom salts dissolved in a glass of warm water. At 9pm you take four ounces of olive oil (pure organic cold pressed) mixed with two oz of lemon juice. Then you go to bed and you lie on the right side with your legs drawn up. The next morning you will pass your gallstones.

Margaret Tyler, Pointers to the Common Remedies. Pages on Gall stone colic.

Major remedy for chronic failure and cirrhosis especially if they have a water filled abdomen. Liver with dropsy and swelling. Ascites - abdomen fills with water. Tongue is white down the centre with a red tip and red edges.

Burnett: Toxic liver, bad diet, acne or eczema. Prescribe Sulphur but nothing happens. Look deeper than the skin symptoms and what organ is manifesting. Keynote: bitter taste in mouth. Light stool, clay coloured. Fullness in liver area. Have to take deep breaths. Dragging pain in the right hypochondrium. Worse lying on the left. Dirty yellow complexion. Nausea on waking with retching until this green phlegm and acid is vomited.

Depression, melancholy, easily angered. Liver and spleen can get enlarged in fevers.

Burnett: a girl of 16 had severe attacks of vomiting for 3 months and pain in abdomen. Constitutional remedy but pain still present. Liver and spleen enlarged. Specific remedy for those and the pain went away.

Must do stuff with diet too - organic food. No fat, cholesterol, alcohol, low sugar and low protein. Crave veg with liver problems (Mag Mur.)

Portal vein problems (bowel to liver) - congestion. From alcohol. Varicose veins, haemorrhoids. So piles could be a liver problem. Cirrhosis for alcohol abuse. Right sided, vomit bile with bitter taste.

Liver can regenerate itself.



  • Stooping, pressure, touch, lying on left side, motion, eating, alcohol, beer, deep inspiration, bleeding, dry weather, open air.

So if you give a constitutional remedy and all is better but the piles that they came for haven’t cleared up. Try this small remedy. Sulphur should then work even better.


GV case: Female, 8 months pregnant, complaining of itching, intolerable. She has to be wrapped in sheets that have been dampened with cold water to relieve itching. Wants to jump out off balcony because of itching.

Itchiness is a sign of liver problems. Foetus is pressing on bile duct. Bile is backing up into blood and they get intolerable itching. This remedy!

Cowhage. A West Indian climbing plant. Dolichos means long and the next word means itching. Annoying seed pots cause great irritation. Long pods strongly resemble hairy caterpillars. Tincture made from fruit pod.

Affinities: liver, skin and right side.

Violent, desperate itching and severe restlessness and they have to pace the floor. Itching without eruptions. Always think it could be liver or bile in blood. Nervous sensitivity. Long stages of cancer when bile duct is obstructed. Itching is tremendous and constant and it builds up to a point where the patient wants to kill themselves. The day is bearable but at night when the darkness comes, the itching starts. They go days and nights without sleep. They are begging the doctor to kill them.

Jaundice. Irritated gums as a concomitant. End case of hepatitis B. Bloating of the abdomen. Rumbling. Worms. Scratching does not relieve. Also used for shingles (Herpes Zoster) when the itching persists. It follows Rhus Tox.


  • Night, scratching and the right side.


Made from Dandelion, Compositae. Yellow flower. Children who used to eat the flowers would get bed-wetting. Liver kidney access - detox. Gall stones and gall bladder problems. Tincture is used for cleansing the liver.

Cooper/Clarke - And old Indian officer, gall stones, infusion and was cured.

Good for cleansing the skin especially after a lot of spices of alcohol.

Proved by SH.

Affinities: Liver, stomach, joints, bladder and muscles. Right sided.

Bilious, jaundice, hepatitis. Keynote: mapped tongue (Nat Mur.) Tongue coated with white and raw patches and red sensitive spots. White stool.
Bilious diarrhoea (with bile.)

Apathy, depression and not zest for work. Impatient and irritable. Very sensitive to the crackling of paper. Gloomy when unoccupied. Constant muttering to themselves.

Gastric disturbances. Bitter rising. Bitter belching. Nausea after excessive fatty food. Sensation of bubbles bursting in the bowel.

Headache from liver disturbances. Right sided. Starting occiput and going over the right eye.

Feel heavy in the morning with headache. Chilly with night sweats.

Characteristic: icy cold fingertips.

Bladder symptoms. Painless urging to urinate, thirst, copious urination. Could be used for diabetes. SK used it in bladder cancer.


  • Rest, lying, sitting, standing, fasting, fat.
  • Moving, walking, open air.


New Jersey Tea. Spleen remedy. Liver remedy. No 1 homeopathic tincture used for spleen. Trauma to spleen, enlarged spleen. Any blood disorders from spleen problems. Pernicious anaemia from spleen pains. Platelet problems. Leukaemia from swollen spleen. Hodgkin’s disease. Dying patients with enlarged spleen.

Hale: used it a lot in American civil war. Used in tincture or 30 and 200 from bayonet wounds.

Inflammation of spleen following malaria. Abuse of quinine. Deep seated pain in the spleen. Stitching pain.

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